The world of Fine Art and Fantasy

Since I first picked up a camera, or a paintbrush for that matter, I have had this longing to tell a story with a single picture. Be it a photo or a painting, there is this longing within my being to convey emotion and spark storytelling in just one picture.

This is where the world of Fine Art and Fantasy photography had gripped my heart.┬áPersonally I have spent 80+ hours learning the in’s and out’s of Photoshop and Lightroom techniques. Along with Studio lighting courses and other courses in photography, in order to get to the point where I felt confident that I could create a beautiful image that has a dreamy, surreal and other-worldly look.

I am pleased to show you just a taste of the fruit of my labors… (You can click on the photos to enlarge them)

With the light in front of her, the shadows behind her do not enter her mind…

This is a very labor intesive medium of art but no more than painting and sketching are, in my opinion. Just different kind of work is involved. I couldnt be more happy than I am now with this art!

Both Robert and I have many many MANY more pieces we are working on. The hope is to have some prints to sell for our own personal pieces. We also plan to expand our photography services to include this type of art available for our customers! I think the possiblities are endless!

Here is a little before and after of the piece I created, pictired above. My daughters and I created this last night, at sunset, on our back porch, using a solid black backdrop, purple grosgrain ribbon, a birdcage I got a Goodwill, and a fake lantern I got at a garage sale for a quarter! Mind you, the lantern wasn’t lit for the photo, that was all done in post processing.┬áCrazy but SO MUCH FUN!

Before & after
Before & after…

so yeah, it is indeed an art form. It takes time and an understanding of light and shadows, just like any other art, one must take the time to practice daily. Though I have progressed greatly I am well aware that I still have much to learn and will continue to do so each day.

This has ignited so much creativity within me. Not that I won’t be loving and working on other types of photography, I will, because I fell in love with all forms of photography and I believe there is use for all types.

I am just VERY pleased to have been able to expand my repertoire and provide others with what I believe is more services than the average photographer.

Will be back with more fine art and fantasy soon! If you think you may want something like this done, perhaps a portrait with the element of fantasy in it give us a holler here or on our Facebook page you can message us or get more contact info there.