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 SO you want to know all about us? Well here is the condensed version, I'll have to release a book on amazon later...just kidding.:-)

 Robert is creative, hard working, fun, good looking, Albuquerque native, father of four children and is the most luckiest of husbands (because he is married to me and I am writing our bio! Ha!)  He is a talented photographer, artist, jewelry designer, and amateur handyman extraordinaire :-) but in all seriousness he is one of the nicest, most talented, guys that you will ever meet.

Me, Gioncarla (A.k.a. Gigi) I am an artist, mother, seamstress, one lucky wife (Robert is really all those good things that I mentioned above) jewelry designer, chauffeur, housewife extraordinaire amongst many other things but my passion is creating. I live to create anything beautiful, magical, fantastic and other than your normal life with our photography, but there is also the side of me that loves to capture the moments of people just as they are. Just because time keeps on ticking away doesn't mean we can't capture some of it forever in an image! There is something beautiful in that and that is what I love to do with a photograph. Capture you and your moments.


Our Story

Robert and I have been married for 13 years. In this time, life has always brought us in a different direction then we thought we were going in but instead of crying about it, together we just decided to go with it and to our surprise, opportunities presented themselves for the both of us to become more creative with our lives.

 Robert was a Blackjack dealer and I was a Dental Assistant once upon a time. When we had our third child come along (surprise!), and the cost of Daycare outweighed my paycheck heavily, so we moved to a cheap rental house and I stayed home with the kids and taught myself to sew and to make jewelry. Robert also learned to make jewelry and we took classes and began to sell our creations on ebay!

 As my sewing improved, I began to make "boutique" clothing for my kids and then began selling custom made outfits for girls on ebay with matching jewelry. It was fantastic, but then we decided to upgrade cameras and take the photography up a notch so that our clothing and jewelry business would really take off....

 That is when the PHOTOBUG bit us both! The sewing machine is now collecting dust  and we have two cameras now and we haven't put the camera down since! Funny how that worked out. That was 5 years ago.

 In time people began to ask us about our photography more than our items for sale so we began photographing others and then started charging a small fee for our services and it has grown so much since!

We both feel so blessed to  have the ability meet and work with so many wonderful people and give people not just any ol' photo of themselves but they receive an experience that they will treasure forever and be reminded of such a great time that they had every time that they look at their photos we provided them.

  Like all things we do, when Robert and I are together, our work becomes great. This is truly our calling in life.

If you would like to get in front of our cameras (yes its a 2 photographers for ONE deal!) and have your moments captured by us, we'd love to hear from you! Send us an email in our Contact Us Page!


 Thank you for reading my mini novel! Have a great day!



Gigi Lovato